All Saints Episcopal Church

210 W. Main Street
Safford, AZ 85546

Phone:  928-348-9430


 Vicar: The Reverend Allison Cornell

         Office Hours:   

          Sunday 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
          Tuesday  9:00 Am - 3:00 PM


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All Saints

Episcopal Church

Safford, Arizona


Holy Eucharist - Sundays

10:30 AM


May 29th – Morning Prayer

June 5th Graduation Party for McKay and guests.

June 12th – Communications – Promotion of

      the Church.  Nicole from the Diocese will be

      here to discuss with the congregation.

June 19th – Morning Prayer

July 10th Christian Ed/Confirmation Classes:

Using the book: Welcome to the Episcopal Church

by Christopher L Webber, we will have classes on

Sundays after worship and fellowship time, 12:30-

1:30 PM. Each week will be a new chapter from

the book.

Prayer Requests

A soft place for children